Family enhancement services will provide early intervention and or prevention to families at risk while remaining within the community. This is done by informal visiting through interacting with the family in the community.

Family Enhancement works from a strength-based perspective, helping people look for solutions through various early interventions, Wellness Planning and support programs.

Family enhancement will offer two levels of support based on the needs of the family

  • In home support will focus on Family functioning through short term interventions.
  • Family service support will focus on in home prevention programs; identify families at risk; assist the family in developing a wellness plan detailing their objectives; assist the family to achieve their objectives; provide a high level of support to the family; access applicable preventative resources; provide advocacy for families; maintain contact and support after objectives have been achieved.
  • Community support will focus networking for families, children and youth, increasing awareness and building supportive links within the community.
  • Community support services in the community by accessing prevention programs in Family counselling; gambling, alcohol and drug counselling; parenting; family planning; sexual education; self-esteem; anger management; suicide prevention; parent aides; Residential school syndrome.