The Community and Family Connections Program is to prevent the further involvement with the child protection systems, to increase support for the families and children. Contributing to the safe and dignified connection/repatriation/reunification of First Nations children in care in the province of Saskatchewan or out of province to their Families and Member First Nation community.

The role is working with the 13 Member First Nations is to ensure the Community and Family Connection process is in place for children in care in care in province and out of province.

Our Roles are:

  • Ensure the rights of Member First Nation Child(ren) and Families.
  • Ensure appropriate services for the child(ren) and family are identified and developed.
  • Negotiate for required services for all first nation member children in inter-provincial settings.
  • Review legislative/policy directives from other provinces related to the movement of children in inter-provincial processes.
  • Advocate for relevant service provision in all aspects of inter-provincial/provincial movement of children having regard for safety and risk variables associated in inter-provincial case planning.
  • Review all inter-provincial/provincial policy for discussion, identification and requirements for service expenditures and time frames for movement of children.
  • Establishing meaningful connection for children and youth with their family and natural kinship support network.
  • Safe, supported family connections, is the goal once the steps of meeting the requesting organization has been completed.