We can offer support to Member First Nation families who have children in care with MSS.  We can assist to bring a review of the family situation and assist to establish services and support to work for reunification, repatriation and long-term planning of Yellow Thunderbird Lodge (YTCCFS) Member First Nation children residing in urban settings. 

Non-Transferred Support program can assist by providing support for member First Nation, Parents and children/youth with case planning and service delivery.

Non-Transferred Support Program works in partnership with service providers and MSS to support family and children case planning in the following areas:

  • Treaty/Status Registration of children
  • Family & Community Support planning for families, children and youth.
  • Revive and re-establish case plans
  • Case conferences, talking circles
  • Ensure support for First Nation Children are placed with family/community,
  • Family placement linkages for First Nations children who are at risk of adoption.